From Room To Room II

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from room to room II
a music-performance within a game show*

concept, composition & idea Maren Kessler

direction Hersilie Ewald
assistant Benjamin Schwarz
direction & dramaturgy advisor Ines Hu
language advisor Caroline Vanderberg
light, sound, space Mensch Meier
music Maren Montauk with oak & electrorot
sound design, organ & drums David Schwarz
guitar & synths Michael Büschelmann
choir sound Caro Olbertz
e-beats Mike Kapelle, electrorot
graphic design Mensch Meier
candy Anja Ritterbusch
myra Maren Montauk
showmaster Lenz von Johnston
vip girls Lisa Braun & Caro Olbertz & Brigitte Reidinger


This is Myra’s chance:

Surrender your memory, reset to blank, and make a fresh start.

Welcome to the room.
In here, and from now on: the you, the me – we don´t matter.


*You Don’t Know Candy – the Ultimate Game Show is back.


One candidate in a fight against the Room to win a million.

The Room will challenge you by creating a personal playground just for you, with no past and no future. Are you ready to handle the present?

The aim is to expose Candy and put her out of action for at least for 10 seconds.
Develop your own strategy, play your greatest roles and challenge your innermost desires and longings.


Each level that you will survive takes you closer to winning the million, but increases the risk that you will never return from the Room, because …


don’t forget: You Don’t Know – Candy!


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In Our Car is the second album of Maren Montauk – Oak .

Available on bandcamp.



Record Release Tour

11/02/15 Essen (D)/ Goldbar/ Oak

13/02/15 Bochum (D)/ Le Box/ Oak

14/02/15 Gelsenkirchen (D)/ Werkstatt/ Oak

26/03/15 Weimar (D)/ Hinterzimmer/ Oak

27/03/15 Erlangen (D)/ Cafe Transfer/ Oak

28/03/15 Karlsruhe (D)/ Wohnzimmer/ Oak

29/03/15 Kriens (CH)/ Kunstraum Teiggi/ Oak mit Peace Song

30/03/15 Freiburg (D)/ Puzzles/ Oak

31/03/15 Zürich (CH)/ Café Henrici/ Oak & The Strange & The Beautiful

03/04/15 Biel (CH)/ Literaturcafé/ Oak

04/04/15 Luzern (CH)/ Neubad/ Oak & Hanreti

15/05/15 Cottbus (D)/ Scandale/ Oak

19/05/15 Fürth (D)/ ARTroom Fürth/ Oak

20/05/15 Stuttgart (D)/ Merlin/ Oak & Chris Rottler

21/05/15 Bayreuth (D)/ Glashaus/ Oak

23/05/15 Oberhausen (D)/ Falstaff/ Oak

05/06/15 Leipzig (D)/ Horns Erben/ Oak & NUFA

Listen to IN OUR CAR

Thanks to the support of The Strange & The Beautiful, Hanreti, NUFA & Chris Rottler

Thanks to Sophie Schwarz (Photo)


“…das deutsche Trio Maren Montauk-OAK das den Konzertabend einleitete, erntete grossen Applaus. Die ausgebildete Sängerin, Maren Kessler variierte gekonnt ihre Stimme zu schleppenden Beats und kristallklaren Gitarrenakkorden. Eine spektakuläre, zirkuswürdige Performance bot Multiinstrumentalist David Schwarz, der nicht nur Schellenkranzschlagzeugpianistsänger in einem, sondern sogar zur selben Zeit war. Die zarten, teils fragilen Melodien, dominiert von Maren Kessler Gesang, luden zum Wachträumen ein. Abenteuerlich oder zumindest couragiert wirkte der Tanz der zarten Sängerin: Zu den zephirisch-gehauchten Akkorden des Gitarristen Michael Büschelmann gab die singende Virtuosin spektakuläre Robot-Moves zum Besten…”

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24th FilmFestival Cottbus

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Maren Montauk – Oak played at the Grand Opening of the 24th FilmFestival Cottbus, Staatstheater Cottbus.


“…Bleibt festzuhalten: Auch musikalisch ist das Filmfestival Cottbus mit Maren Montauk und Bands hochkarätig gestartet.

Hut ab vor der Musikerauswahl.”


Lausitzer Rundschau am 6.11.2014



oak_2_cottbus  Photos by FilmFestival Cottbus/Thomas Goethe

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From Room To Room

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There we have never been, there we will never be, there is where we are.



Every 100 years the Collective Re demands a person who has to go into the zwischenraum to get checked whether it is able to preserve the community.


The young Myra is the chosen one. In the zwischenraum she meets Candy, a blonde girl on roller skates. The Collective insists that Myra should kill Candy. Only than she is allowed to return to the Collective.


Myra slowly loses her memory causes on the power of the zwischenraum, the lost memory brings you back to the moment in life before you realize you have the need to be loved by someone.


The zwischenraum, a space between past and future, tradition and vision. Whoever enters it, lost his identity and lingers on the threshold between the rooms of our world.



A music-performance-play for two female voices, choir and band (dr., org., git. & tape) and amplified roller skates.




Duration: 70 min

Language: english

Place: empty public bath


The music-performance-play From Room to Room combines the popmusic of Maren Montauk (Oak & electrorot), Composed Theatre and performance of actors and (with) the audience.


Konzept & Idee: Maren Kessler

Komposition & Text: Maren Kessler

Songs: Maren Montauk mit Oak & electrorot

Regie: Hersilie Ewald, Ines Hu, Maren Kessler

Dramaturgie: Ines Hu, Maren Kessler

Kostümberatung: Sarah Schittek



Myra: Maren Kessler

Candy: Anja Ritterbusch

Kollektiv: Simon Borer, Zita Bucher, Nicolas Engel, Stefanie Erni, Franziska Brücker

Musiker: Michael Büschelmann (e-guitar)

Mike Kapelle (e-beats)

David Schwarz (sound/organ/drums)

Installation: Corina Schaltenegger

Ton: Victor Wolf

Grafik: Druckpunkt  Weimar

Im Rahmen des Festivals der Hochschule Luzern

Wege der Wahrnehmung: Musik und Raum

Master-Abschluss in Music & Performance Art

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Composition & Philosophie 2012-2014

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oak-COVER Kopie 4_72

OAK meets in Hüde to work out new concepts and new songs.


2012/13 first album Unbelievers.


2014/15 second album  In our car.



 „…a unique sound coming from 1960’s pop, The Velvet Underground & Nico, David Bowie’s “Station to Station” album plus electronic era musicians in the style of Radiohead, Portishead, Iceland’s Björk, with a theatrical touch of film noir…”


OAK are reminiscent of mid 60’s, American garage outfits such as The Music Machine and The Velvet Underground & Nico who a decade later, helped to spring an innovative music and fashion scene based on the street principle of ABR (Action Brings Reaction) and labeled as punk. Yet, when the shit hits the fan, it was and it is music without borderlines and with emotional authenticity that creates an impact upon generations to come.


OAK was formed in the summer of 2012 in Berlin by Maren Montauk (Voice), Dave Schwarz (Keyboards & Drums), and Mike Büschelmann (Guitar) while jamming during the course of a week in a Half-timbered house at a lonely, idyllic seashore where the undertow would come crashing in and help form the sound clash of their surf style, guitar chops versus Doors-like synth sounds as the ultimate, uplifting soundtrack device for Maren Montauk’s haunting persona.


OAK’s originality begins with Dave Schwarz playing keyboards and drums at the same moment in space and time and bringing about the bass lines through his synth in contrast to Mike Büschelmann’s, high-end tuned guitar as a set-up for Maren’s, high pitched vocal range. You can easily capture the influences of their unique sound coming from 1960’s pop, The Velvet Underground & Nico, David Bowie’s “Station to Station” album plus electronic era musicians in the style of Radiohead, Portishead, Iceland’s Björk, with a theatrical touch of film noir thrown in as Berlin’s melancholic edge is unleashed by the band onstage.


From their self-titled, full length CD comes a potential single: Once/Believers, where “Once” begins and remains in the flow of a dwelling riff in combination with a transcending groove being built by the melodic keyboard arrangement and Maren’s harmonic voice; while the 2-step break beat driven “Believers”, characterizes OAK as the riders of a storm with prophetic words coming from a woman with something to say.


They have toured in Europe playing live in Praha (CZ), Zurich (CH), Berlin, Munich and Cologne (GER).


A song made out of the beginning in 2012:


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